Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission

All the submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the poster jury. The notice of acceptance/rejection will be sent via email to the authors, who submitted an abstract.

The 10 best submitted abstracts will each receive a Travel Grant worth CHF 500.00 when presenting their poster in the Best Poster Session (5 minutes presentation + 1 minute Questions/Answers). They thereby get the chance to win the Best Poster Award.

All the other accepted abstracts will be presented as a poster at the World Pancreas Forum and at the Digital Poster Exhibition here on the website.

Abstracts, which have been accepted, can be uploaded as high-end PDF on the abstract platform. Please consider the information about the poster submission guidelines as follows.

Poster Submission Guidelines

  1. There will be no exhibition with printed posters. Poster will be presented on flat screens.
  2. Please submit the poster as high-end PDF and consider all important information on the platform. Do not send posters by email.
  3. Poster language is English.
  4. It is highly recommended to use the following structure:
    Introduction / Objective / Methods / Results / Conclusion.
  5. The authors agree that their information can be made public (poster, website, etc.). We take no responsibility for incomplete or inaccurate information.
  6. Do not use all UPPER-CASE characters in title.
  7. Poster submission deadline: 8th December 2019.